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I am an Artificial Intelligence lead generation consultant.

My team and I help overwhelmed B2B sales & marketing directors —people just like you— leverage several Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies & sales programs to 2x their revenues within 180 days or less.

Featured Clients

“Their passion, energy and commitment to innovation are inspirational. They are innovators when it comes to getting diverse groups of people together to improve various innovations on the global stage.”

Ross Pellizzari, Managing Director, Avaya

“These guys are visionary leaders with a passion for building an environment where innovation can flourish. They are deeply interested in people, are insightful, positive and authentic. They dream big, see the necessary connections and cultivates the environment to drive meaningful outcomes. They are making a difference.”

Heather Tulk, Chief Customer Officer, MTS Allstream.

Using their lead generation technologies, we are now booking $15,000 in new business every month”

John Anderson, Director of Strategic Alliances, AVISPL

“The Access Group has an innovative way to get insights into current business challenges faced by manufacturing executives. We truly enjoy working with and referring this group to others. Each and every time we’ve worked with them, we’ve left the project with new and tangible insights as well as qualified leads. I have no doubt referring this organization to anyone who is serious about filling up their pipeline with new opportunities and insights.”

James Salter, Marketing, Microsoft

“8 out of 11 executives participating turned into qualified opportunities for us. I highly encourage working with The Access Group”

Tom Vassos, Marketing, IBM

“The executive round-table provided tangible results towards our goals of advancing Adobe’s understanding of this large market segment and identifying qualified prospects for our current set of solutions. Being in a room and participating in candid discussions with that many high-level executives is a rare opportunity to gain valuable insight into the challenges they face and how they prioritize them. We were able to validate our understanding of manufacturer’s current requirements as they relate to Adobe’s focus and how they are likely to evolve.”

Jim Merry, Account Executive, Adobe

“When Siemens Business Services sponsors an event, we look for a partner that can tailor the event to our needs. We want three things: – Compelling content that draws senior executives from our target market, – An opportunity to develop an intimate working relationship with the attendees, and – Great execution. Our customers need to have an outstanding experience worthy of the Siemens brand. The Access group excelled in all categories with “Bridging the Gap – Manufacturing Innovation Roundtable”. They exceeded our expectations on all fronts. We had a full house with very senior people. Everyone walked away feeling enriched. We initiated many new executive relationships…”

Walter Lowers, Senior Sales & Marketing, Siemens

“The Access Group Executive Roundtable provided a forum for Adobe to meet with SVP’s of the top banks in a open environment so that we can better understand their issues and the problems they are trying to solve. As a result of participating in the event I was able to obtain follow on meetings with key contacts at the banks to engage in further discussions.”

Rob Henshaw, Account Executive, Adobe

What do you need help with?

If you’re like most of my customers, you are overwhelmed with different and time sensitive priorities. You don’t have the time required to understand which artificial intelligence (AI) lead generation technologies or demand generation programs is best suited for your organization. You need someone who you can trust. Someone who can demonstrate tangible results using artificial intelligence demand generation programs. Someone with real sales and marketing experience.

Lead Generation Technologies, Services & Free Resources

Identify lookalike customers & inject them into an automated appointment system for you.

Automated Follow-Up Artificial Intelligence Sales Agent that Setups weekly appointments for you.

Automated executive registration system that consistently recruits C level executives into your events/webinars.

Identify & develop qualified channel partners & resellers interested in reselling your products and services.

Executive Roundtable Events, Conferences, TV shows and Webinars: