Automated Follow-Up Artificial Intelligence Sales Agent that Setups weekly appointments for you

If you’ve noticed your sales force and channel partners are not always reliable for following up with leads and customers, you may want to consider using an automated artificial intelligence that is trained to convert leads from your website, emails, meetings, events, etc. into telephone appointments.

The artificial intelligence assistant works just like a human sales assistant, reaching out to every single one of your contacts after your meetings, webinars, events, etc. and engages each of them in a human conversation. People love it because the assistant is personable, friendly and responsive, connecting them quickly with a human that can help.

Sales sells more, because the assistant contacts and qualifies all leads so salespeople can focus on what they do best…selling.

Marketing markets more effectively, knowing every single lead is being followed up and getting real-time feedback on the engagement of leads in their campaigns.

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