Business Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

There are various forms of artificial intelligence: virtual assistants, chatbots and machine learning.

The most common 4 ways include:

  1. Automated intelligence: Automation of manual and routine tasks.
  2. Assisted intelligence: Helping people to perform tasks faster and better.
  3. Augmented intelligence: Helping people to make better decisions.
  4. Autonomous intelligence: Automating decision-making processes without human intervention.

What’s exciting about Artificial intelligence or AI is that its changing the demand generation process at an exciting rate. Here are some of the advantages:

Artificial Intelligence Increases Leads

Artificial intelligence causes exponential growth. Studies from Harvard Business Review and PWC demonstrate companies that use AI consistently increase their sales

Automated lead assessments sort through historical patterns, social media profiles of your prospects, and their historical transactions with your organization. These technologies change the “what” in the data and identifies “why”. Once a pattern has emerged, the pattern can be used in any market segment, geography, etc. to help you discovery look-alike customers.

Artificial Intelligence Causes Fewer Administrative Tasks

Assisted intelligence takes time-consuming, repetitive sales tasks from your sales reps’ daily workload and automates them. Examples could include order taking, transaction processing and writing reports. You will see these technologies in area like proposal writing, following up with customers, and automated cold calling systems to arrange face-to-face presentations.

Artificial Intelligence Causes a Shorter Sales Cycle

Where lead identified are qualified (via artificial intelligence) the sales cycle is cut short. Now all your sales teams have to do is help negotiate a price and close.

Artificial Intelligence Means Faster Customer Service

If you have an Amazon’s Echo or a Google Home, you can see how answers the what-when-where and how question. The faster response helps your customers with their questions, increase their satisfaction ratings while decreasing your operational costs.

“8 out of 11 executives participating turned into qualified opportunities for us. I highly encourage working with The Access Group”

Tom Vassos, Marketing, IBM

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James Salter, Marketing, Microsoft

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John Anderson, Director of Strategic Alliances, AVISPL

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Heather Tulk, Chief Customer Officer, MTS Allstream.

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Rob Henshaw, Account Executive, Adobe

“The executive round-table provided tangible results towards our goals of advancing Adobe’s understanding of this large market segment and identifying qualified prospects for our current set of solutions. Being in a room and participating in candid discussions with that many high-level executives is a rare opportunity to gain valuable insight into the challenges they face and how they prioritize them. We were able to validate our understanding of manufacturer’s current requirements as they relate to Adobe’s focus and how they are likely to evolve.”

Jim Merry, Account Executive, Adobe