Identify lookalike customers & inject them into an automated appointment system for you

If you want to 3x the number of leads you are converting, increase your sales and engage your sales and channel partners, then you may want to be using artificial intelligence to identify customers in the market place who are more likely going to buy your products/services right away.

The benefits of using this particular artificial intelligence lead generation technology is that:

  • Dramatically reduces your sales cycle times
  • Enables you to give leads that will converts at much faster rate to your sales force and channel partners. As a result, you will notice a much higher employee/channel partner engagement and retention
  • Increased in sales
  1. In our proprietary process, we upload a list of your favorite/top 25-100 customers.
  2. Our artificial intelligence will discover common patterns.
    • For instance, how many social media posts do they have, how many job posting do they have, how many law suits do they have? Is their stock price increasing, decreasing or staying the same, etc.
  3. Based on the patterns we have identified, we look into a global database to find you, new customers that are in your key geographies, key verticals or customer lists.
  4. Once we have a list of your target organizations that you should be contacting, we leverage your thought leadership content (and/or supply our own thought leadership content) and contact the new list of companies.
  5. During our call with targeted organizations, we ask for the decision maker (your target audience) and ask to send them a copy of your thought leadership content. This is how we generate contact information.
  6. This is how we identify companies you must immediately target and provide you with their contact information.
  7. Depending on your needs, we can also tailor a customized lead nurturing program that will allow us to continuously send your thought leadership content to your target audience until they are ready to buy from you.

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