Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

  • Do you need to generate more qualified leads?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and short on time?
  • Did you know many of your customers are on LinkedIn and if you don’t take the time to connect with them, your competitors will?

Lead Generation is our core business and we design, build and manage highly effective lead generation campaigns for busy sales and marketing professionals on LinkedIn – saving them time and energy in sending cold messages to prospective clients every day or every week.

What We Do:

LinkedIn Strategy

We help you define your target audience, your message, your angle, your product/service, etc. so that you can go in and dominate your market.…

Copy Writing

Effective copywriting is key in turning your LinkedIn messages into a money-making machine. We have fantastic B2B copywriters in our team and would be happy to help with that.

Run and Manage Your Demand Generation Program on LinkedIn

We will run a customized demand generation program for you on LinkedIn. Every day (or every week – depending on your choice) we will connect with your prospects (on your behalf) and send your messages on your behalf to them.

What you can expect:

  • 500 custom researched, highly-targeted leads every month will be contacted on your behalf
  • Your pipeline will be built by sales experts not virtual assistants
  • Complimentary review of your outreach plan
  • Recommendations to increase reply rates

What we need from you:

  • A 1:1 call to get here: Book A Call
  • A clear ideal customer profile: Job Title, Industry/Market, Company Size, Location, and Search Keywords.
  • Your monthly budget
  • Your LinkedIn AdminAccess
  • A briefing on your goals (Do you need more sales leads, insights from experts on your product, Branding opportunity, Etc.)
  • Any landing page URL that you want to include in your messages
  • Access to your online calendar so that we can book appointments directly into your calendar for you

*Please note: We will instantly 2x your refund if our LinkedIn Lead Generation Managed Service doesn’t produce any responses within the first 67 days. 

The difference is in the quality of the content we provide as well as the relevancy of the content to your target audience. We will work with you to help you come up with a compelling story (a thought leadership content, white paper, etc.) and a reason why your target audience should contact you. When we give a target audience immediate value, we turn cold contacts into trusted relationship.

  • You tell us about your buyer profile with the following info: Industry, company size, job title, any unique characteristics or additional information.
  • Our team of prospecting experts go to work for you: finding the right leads for your business.
  • We will work with you to find industry thought leadership papers, videos, and reason for a customer to respond to your messages.
  • We will help you craft your message and start sending it out on your behalf to your target audience.

A done for you managed service that is sending messages on your behalf to your prospects on daily or weekly basis.

  • A 1:1 call to get:
    • A very clear Ideal customer profile to create your ideal customer profile: Job Title, Industry/Market, Company Size, Location, and Search Keywords.
    • Monthly Budget
    • LinkedIn Admin Access
    • A Briefing on the Goals (More Leads, Sales, Branding Etc.)
    • Any landing page URL, White Papers, Content, etc.
    • Access to your online calendar so that we can schedule appointments for you
  • *Please note: Unless all the above needs are provided in a timely manner, no refund will be issued.

After your first 90 days, you can cancel your contract anytime.

This depends on how often your prospects check LinkedIn, the relevancy of your content, the sales copy, and the number of people we contact on your behalf. Generally speaking within a few hours of our team starting, you will start to see some results. Based on the results we see, we will start to modify anything that requires modification.

There are zero long term contracts. We will charge you a small setup fee to edit your messages, identify valuable thought leadership content you may want to send out to your prospects, etc. and a monthly fee for our managed services to be sending out messages on a daily/weekly basis on your behalf to your audience.

Yes. It is critical for you to see the messages that will be sent on your behalf to your prospects.

There are zero hidden fees. What you’re quoted is what you pay each month, nothing more.

For a small fee, we can help you with anything that you need (Videos, Writing White papers, case studies, etc.)

It’s pretty simple, after you’ve signed and sent back your contract with your credit card, we will get started right away.

A customized “done for you” LinkedIn Lead Generation Managed Service for you/your company.

We will design a lead generation strategy in partnership with you.

We will look for relevant content or help you write content for your target market.

We will edit your sales campaign and send daily or weekly messages on your behalf to a targeted audience.

We will monitor and track the progress of your campaign and provide you with feedback and adjust accordingly.