We Use Artificial Intelligence to Help You

Artificial Intelligence Generated Leads on A Monthly Basis That Have a 90% Chance of Converting

After a series of machine learning tests, we will generate a monthly list of qualified leads that have a 90% chance of covering in less than 47 days. 

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Artificial Intelligence Designed to Double Your Sales via Duplicating Your Best Sales Reps or Channel Partners

We use artificial intelligence to look at your best sales reps or channel partners and then duplicate them across your organization, geography and channel partners. 

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Write $1,000,000 + Sales Copies & Proposals That Convert FAST

We use artificial Intelligence to identify the "personality types" of your mailing list of customers and then re-write your sales copy to achieve a 78% open and engagement rates.

This services includes you providing a list of your customers and original sales copy. 

We will then use artificial intelligence to identify personality types and write a sales drip campaign based on various personality types.opportunities of working with you.

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Smart Sales Programs

Build A Referral System

Don't spend another week of $0.00 sales. Let us show you how to build a referral system that will generate new customers week after week.

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Fresh Sets of Eyes - Strategy Clean Up & Boots On The Ground Sales Resources

With over 19 years of experience, we take a look at your demand generation strategies and programs and give you a list of actionable ideas that will help you increase your sales.

Once you have approved of our plans, we can provide you with senior sales and marketing resources to be your "boots on the ground" team to support you in achieving your KPIs.

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Sign Up 2x Executive C Level Customers At Your Events

With over 15 years of experience in putting together C level executive conferences, focus groups and events, we are one of the best organization to help you design and execute on your events anywhere in the world. 

Specifically we provide:

  • Designing and facilitating Executive Events/Seminars
  • Includes writing copy, web design services, marketing automation
  • Recruitment of Keynote speakers
  • Facilitating “out of the box” and innovative network and event templates

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Social Media Lead Generation Service

Allow us to use LinkedIn, Meetups and other platforms to generate leads for your sales team on a daily or monthly basis.

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Customer Counsel

Allow us to build you a customized customer counsel to assist you in your strategy, account acquisition and other KPIs.

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Infuse Capital Into Your Company

Through a real live television show...

We invest up to $20 million in various artificial intelligence, blockchain, and franchises. 

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